The Domino’s innovation specially designed
to always deliver the best pizza for you.

HOW steady pizza WORKS

The system consists of two hemispheres.
One is fixed on X-axis and the other on Y-axis.
Pendulums of lead compensate the movements
of the bike, keeping the balance in any direction.

  • 1 Pizzas
  • 2 Inner hemisphere

    attached to the outer hemisphere, it moves
    forward and backward (Y-axis)

  • 3 Outer hemisphere

    attached to the contanier, it moves sideways

  • 4 Pendulums

    one for each hemisphere, it compensates
    for the movements of the bike

why we are doing this

While it is great when Domino's delivery guy
arrives at your door, there's nothing worse than
opening the pizza box and noticing a delivery fail.
This should never happen. Domino’s Steady
Pizza was invented to put an end to this.