8 Tips to Endure Hunger at Night So You Don’t Gain Weight

Having a habit of staying up late or sleeping too late does make it easier for temptations to come to us, one of which is hunger. Hunger in the middle of the night certainly makes us want to snack and it is from this snacking habit that obesity occurs. According to riverfronttimes, there are some tips to keep you hungry at night so you don’t get fat, let alone obesity.

Maintain a Regular Diet

So that midnight is not easy to get hungry the way is to eat regularly three times a day with snacking activities between these meals. During the hours after breakfast and before lunch, as well as the hours after lunch to dinner, both times can be used for snacking, you know.

Increase Fiber Intake

If all this time you don’t eat foods that contain high fiber, start increasing your intake. Foods with high fiber content will provide a long-lasting full effect so that it will prevent us from snacking a lot. Enter the fibrous food menu at dinner time so that at midnight the stomach doesn’t get hungry easily, let alone tempted to snack unhealthy.

Eat High Protein Foods

Apart from fibrous foods, foods that contain high protein can provide a long-lasting satiety effect. This is because the time required for protein digestion is quite long. Protein is also capable of being a natural muscle builder without worrying that fat levels can increase in the body, not to mention that its role as a very large metabolic enhancer.

Drink Green Tea or Black Coffee

The trick to not getting hungry at night but also not making you fat is drinking a glass of black coffee or green tea. You can suppress hunger automatically by drinking one of them. But if you are reluctant to drink caffeinated drinks, choose a drink with low sugar.

Snacking on fruit instead of snacks

Make sure that at home there is always a stock of fresh fruit that can help your stomach. If you have trouble keeping up with hunger at night, it’s okay to eat fruit because the fruit is a healthy snack. Instead of eating snacks that are fatty, sugary, and highly oily, choose healthy snacks.

Avoid Stress

Be careful, you know, hunger doesn’t always come from an empty stomach, but rather a feeling of stress that is hitting us, and eating is just an escape from our stress. If the type is overthinking even at night, immediately find ways to deal with stress in ways other than eating or snacking so you don’t regret it later because of excess weight gain.

Drinking water often and lots

Many water diets are used as an effective hunger delay or barrier, so why not just try it? When there is still something to do at night or you find it difficult to sleep and then feel hungry, drink a little water so that your stomach is full but doesn’t increase your calories.

Sleep early

Because the reason for getting hungry easily in the middle of the night is staying up late, so you should avoid delaying bedtime. Sleeping earlier, it will prevent us from feeling hungry as well as feeling like snacking. But if you can’t go to sleep, try to divert your hunger by doing activities such as reading books, for example, which can also quickly make you sleepy.

Those are some tips for stopping hunger at night that can be applied and useful. Because eating or snacking at night not only triggers weight gain, you know, but many health problems can arise at any time. If you are still having trouble withstanding hunger at night, consult this to a dietitian or nutritionist.