8 Tips to Endure Hunger at Night So You Don’t Gain Weight

Having a habit of staying up late or sleeping too late does make it easier for temptations to come to us, one of which is hunger. Hunger in the middle of the night certainly makes us want to snack and it is from this snacking habit that obesity occurs. According to riverfronttimes, there are some tips to keep you hungry at night so you don’t get fat, let alone obesity.

Maintain a Regular Diet

So that midnight is not easy to get hungry the way is to eat regularly three times a day with snacking activities between these meals. During the hours after breakfast and before lunch, as well as the hours after lunch to dinner, both times can be used for snacking, you know.

Increase Fiber Intake

If all this time you don’t eat foods that contain high fiber, start increasing your intake. Foods with high fiber content …


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