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When deciding on home phone service providers, consider price and service reliability. You should also know the features available, such as caller ID and 3-way calling.

Many providers offer plans that include free long-distance calls and other services, such as voicemail-to-text transcription. Others offer discounts on international calls.


Consider a few key factors if you switch to landline phone service providers. Whether you choose a corded landline that requires a base and handset or a wireless system, make sure the provider offers coverage in your home area and compare calling plans and prices. Also, find out about additional services, such as call waiting and voicemail, and if there are any equipment charges or installation fees.

Traditional landline phones offer exceptional reliability even during power outages and provide superior call quality for affordable monthly rates with no hidden fees or charges. Depending on your needs, you should consider bundling your home phone service with cable tv or high-speed internet. Or, you might opt for a VoIP landline phone system with unlimited calls and advanced features, such as call blocking, voicemail, priority ringing and more, for a low monthly rate. Community Phone, for example, offers transparent pricing and landline plans. See if it’s the best choice for your home phone service needs.

Customer Service

It would help to remember a few things when deciding which landline phone service provider is best for your home. You should consider the cost, features and reliability. Additionally, you should ensure that the company offers a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be confident that they will fix any problems with your service.

It is also important to decide whether you want traditional landline phone service or voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP). VoIP systems use broadband internet and can be used on many devices, including desk phones, smartphones, and tablets.

The national nonprofit consumer organization created this Leader’s Guide to help consumers understand the options available when choosing their home phone service. This publication is part of a Phone Services training module with a multilingual companion brochure and PowerPoint slides. This resource is available to download for free or may be ordered by nonprofit agencies.


A traditional landline connects copper wires or fiber optic cables to send signals between phones. This type of residential phone service is affordable and offers superior call quality and a variety of home phone features. You can find many providers of landline phone services, and some offer discounts when you bundle with TV and Internet. Some also offer contracts, while others allow you to pay month-to-month.

Some home phone service providers offer advanced features you won’t find on mobile phones, such as voicemail-to-text transcription and unlimited calling. You can also get international calling plans if you have family abroad.

In addition, some items, like medical alert systems, require a landline for functionality. The system will continue to work during a power outage, while cellular connections might lose functionality. This is especially important for rural areas with poor cell phone coverage. Additionally, some landline providers offer a warranty on their equipment.


In addition to comparing monthly costs, consider whether the provider offers additional features. Some landline providers offer call return, for example, while others let you block unwanted calls or robocalls. Some even allow you to convert your voicemails into texts.

A landline may be more reliable than a cell phone for emergencies, especially when the power goes out. Also, it allows 911 dispatchers to locate you more accurately than a cell phone that relies on GPS.

Many providers offer landline home phone service as part of a bundle with TV and Internet. But some companies offer standalone home phone plans with no contracts and low equipment fees. Compare satisfaction guarantees, too — a longer warranty can indicate that the company has more confidence in its service.

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