Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Who doesn’t know the bokeh effect? Nowadays, almost all cellphones that are launched have equipped their cameras with features that will produce a bokeh effect (the effect with the background looks blurry) Then how do you make a video have a bokeh effect even though the cellphone doesn’t have the feature?

Calm down, because everything must have a way out, okay? then you can choose 1 of 3 applications that Android phones will describe below. Here is the application, friend.

1. Using the Instagram application with the Focus feature

The Instagram application has a feature called Focus which you can use to take photos and of course bokeh videos. Friends can look for this focus feature on the Instagram Stories menu. How to use it is quite easy, later the focus will detect faces, and the objects behind will automatically become a blur (bokeh)

But the drawback is that you can only make videos with a short duration of 15 seconds. Also, it only detects faces to create a bokeh effect.

2. Blur Videos & Images application

So, if your cellphone doesn’t support Instagram Focus, you can try another alternative, namely the Blue Video & Images application. This application allows adding bokeh effects to photos and videos. You can download it for free only on, the size is also small, so it’s safe for a small memory capacity.

3. Video Editor Music, Cut, No Crop

The 3rd choice is the Video Editor application. One of the features is that you can add a blurred background to your video. But this is just the background, not editing the video background to blur. However, this application allows you to add music and do some video editing such as filtering and so on.

4. MagoVideo

Now this application can be a choice of the 3 applications above. Also, for those of you who pretend to sing with this application, you can make lipsync videos with the Music for Fon Lip Sync feature. The most important thing is that the video results are compatible with various social media.

Other features available in Mago Video include cutting, trimming, and providing bokeh effects! Come on, install the application for free.

5. Blur Video & Image

The Blur Video & Image application is included in the best application to make bokeh videos easily. You can install it for free. Relax the size of this application is also small. But the drawback is that the bokeh effect doesn’t look natural, but for video editing, with a long duration this application can be a solution.

Best Bokeh Video App

If you are still confused about how to make a bokeh videos, we will make the latest update, which will provide options for some of the best and popular bokeh video applications among netizens. So for that, you can see the updates in the following list.

Insta Focus

The next latest update bokeh video application is Insta Focus. By using this application, it will automatically detect faces and blur the background. So that users can easily make bokeh videos. But unfortunately, we didn’t find this application on the Google Playstore, so it requires you to download it on a third-party website. Also, this application cannot make videos longer than 15 seconds.

Real Bokeh – Light Effects

This application will be able to help you make bokeh videos easily. This video bokeh app presents quite a several features and filters it. You can install it for free, even though the developer does insert ads for income, but that’s a natural thing.

This best bokeh video application will help users to create realistic bokeh effects with light effects which will also be very helpful.

By saitama