Easy Ways to Edit Videos Using Smartphones Through the InSHot Application

Video has become a work of art and a tool to pursue a career. To produce good, unique, and interesting videos, and editing application is needed to perfect the post-production stage. 

In the past, it required devices such as laptops and even computers to do this process. 

However, now video activists are also required to be able to edit anywhere and anytime. Therefore, Smartphones began to be used as a medium for editing quickly. Furthermore, not only need a Smartphone, but an editor also requires software on a Smartphone such as an application. Many editing applications can be used on smartphones owned by video enthusiasts. For more information, you can visit: https://www.pondband.net/

One such application is InShot. 

To use this application, you can use Android and IOS Smartphones. 

This application can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Play Store. In this application, there are 3 features at the beginning of the existing page. To edit a video, the user must select the video feature and select new to create a new video project. 

After that, the video editor selects which videos you want to edit. When you have chosen, the video is immediately arranged according to the video selected by the editor. At this stage, users will find many video editing features in it. 

These features consist of Trim, Canvas, Filter, Music, Sticker, Text, Speed, Bg, Reverse, Rotate, and Flip. 

Additionally, transitions are automatically installed between the selected videos. However, the transitions that are attached can be changed according to the desired effect and this transition can also be turned off if the user does not need to use the transition. 

In the Trim feature, the editor can cut and split the video that is being edited. If you want to change the size of the video that has been edited, you can use the Canvas feature. 

In this feature, users can change the size according to their wishes and can even be adjusted to the existing conditions in social media such as Instagram and Youtube. 

Editors can also use the music provided in this application to make videos more meaningful. 

To save the edited video in this application, users can click the save symbol in the top right corner then click save. Furthermore, we can choose where to save the video, such as on our Smartphone memory and our social media. You can also enjoy the edited video results easily via a smartphone using this InShot application.