Sun. May 19th, 2024
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Wave broadband is known to offer Internet access in the regions of Washington, Oregon, and California in the nation of the United States. The cable Internet connection of Wave broadband is currently serving over 2.1 million people in the US. Wave broadband is the 10th largest residential Internet cable service provider in the US according to the coverage area that it serves. Along with the provision of cable broadband, Wave also provides fiber, copper, and cable Internet connection to its customers. The cable service of Wave broadband is available to 2.1 million people. This makes Wave broadband the 10th largest cable broadband provider in the US. The fiber connection of Wave is available to over 600,000 people. Thus, in terms of the fiber connection, Wave ranks at the 22nd number. The copper service of Wave broadband is available to people who are living in the 140 pin regions.

As has been mentioned before, Wave cable and internet service is available in the regions of Oregon, California, and Washington states. A big advantage with Wave is that it offers billing services to the customers. Customers can easily bundle up the phone, Internet, and cable TV services. This way, the customer will only have to pay one price for availing of the services of all three. Wave customers are also provided with a 30-day money-back option. If you don’t like the service of Wave, you can opt for the moneyback guarantee, and you will receive your money if you have applied within 30 days of subscription. Another advantage of Wave is that they provide a service protection plan. The service protection plan is completely free of charge. The service protection plan is applicable to all bundle plans. If you want to add this plan to other non-bundle plans, you will have to pay an additional $3.99 monthly.


if you’re looking for high-speed Internet, you will have to pay $29.95 per month for a period of 12 months on a plan with 5 Mbps speed. The other plan is a 100 Mbps speed plan. In this plan, you will have to pay 69.95 dollars per month for a period of 12 months. If you choose to opt for the fiber plan, the fiber service can be made available at $80 per month. In this, you receive an unlimited data plan.

The broadband cable service of Wave starts at 91.95 dollars for a period of 123 months. This is for the local broadcast. If you want a premium cable pack, you will have to pay $71 per month. However, the most well-known plan of Wave is the expanded content plan. It is available for $51.28. In this plan, customers have the allowance of adding many options to make their packages more customized for their needs and requirements.

Wave does not stop at providing its customers only the Internet and TV services. They also provide phone services to the customers. If the customer opts for the phone services of Wave, they will receive unlimited long-distance and local calling plans at a rate of $90.95 monthly for a period of the first 12 months.

Wave also offers bundle packages for their customers, as has been mentioned before. If you want to go for the packages, you will have to pay $59.95 for the triple play bundle package. The double-play bundle package includes unlimited calls, local broadcast, and high-speed Internet.

The Internet provision of Wave broadband is based on the cable network. This ensures that the television cable that has already been laid out can also carry an Internet connection with the cable one. You will have to either get or rent out a cable modem so that you can connect the home Wi-Fi router to the cable lines for a seamless service. In some areas, Wave also offers copper and fiber Internet. If you are living in a region Wave, the fiber services of Wave are active; always sign up for the fiber services. The difference between the fiber speeds and the cable speed is whilst. With fiber speed, you will never have to worry about the Internet being slow again. The local network is available to its customers at a rate of $29.95 monthly

Bundling up

If you are looking for a stable Internet, TV, and telephone connection, you should bundle up the services of Wave. Wave is the primary supplier on the West Coast. The Wave TV app is also referred to as Wave TV on the go. With the Wave TV app, you can easily view all your favorite shows on any of the connected devices. Along with local and international networks, Wave also offers premium programs to its customers. Another advantage of bundling up TV services along with the phone and Internet services is that on pairing, you will avail of package discounts. 

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